2014 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival Official Selections 2014!

2014 WILD ROSE SCHEDULE (as of 10/21)

12th Annual Wild Rose Independent Film Festival
Nov. 6-13, 2014   Fleur Cinema & Café, Des Moines, IA

Mission- The wild rose is the official flower of the state of Iowa, a thing of beauty and tenacity growing “in the wild.”  
The international Wild Rose Independent Film Festival is a celebration of the compelling, diverse, hilarious, beautiful, bizarre 
and inspiring cinema art created by independent filmmakers outside the studio system.


Director's Note: Each Year, the Wild Rose grows! The film selection gets stronger, the audiences get bigger, the workshops share more knowledge, and the Awards Ceremony honors great filmmaking from across the globe. The Wild Rose inspires, informs, champions, challenges, celebrates, educates and excites. Filmmakers and filmgoers exchange ideas...they network...they bond in their love of visual storytelling. And, they revel in the shared company of those who support independent film. Come join us!

Kimberly Busbee

Director/Co-Founder, Wild Rose Independent Film Festival

Past Guests have included, among others: 

Lloyd Kaufman  Founder of Troma Pictures, "The Toxic Avenger"

Stu Pollard  Writer/Director/Producer of  "Nice Guys Sleep Alone", "Keep Your Distance", "Ira & Abby"

GregAlan Williams  "Necessary Roughness", "The Sopranos", "Remember the Titans", "Haunting Villisca"

Ben Easter "Holiday in the Sun","I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer","Molly's Girl","Morganville: The Series

Lew Hunter  Legendary Hollywood Icon and the Author of the best-selling book, Screenwriting 434

John Putch of Putch Films,  Director of "Route 30", "Route 30, Too!", "Route 30, Three!", "Mojave Phone Booth"

Jamie Rose   Actress/ Acting Coach/ Casting Director of LA's JRose Studio and star of Daytime TV 

Ellen Dolan  "As the World Turns", "Walker, Texas Ranger" ," The Southside", "Molly's Girl"

Randal Kleiser Hollywood Director of "Grease", "The Flight of the Navigator", "The Blue Lagoon"

Tom Bower Co-Founder Sagindie, "Crazy Heart", "The Hills Have Eyes", "The Killer Inside Me", "Garner, Iowa" 


FILMMAKER FRIENDLY VENUE with State of the Art Digital Projection and Sound System:

Held at the trendy art house theatre/bar/coffee house, 

The Fleur Cinema & Café 

Located near the Des Moines International Airport just 5 minutes from Downtown Des Moines 
with a wide range of shops, restaurants, brewpubs, live music venues, and numerous hotels nearby,
the Wild Rose is fast becoming one of the top indie film fests in the Midwest! 

Screening and Judging Process:
The Administrative Staff of the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival shall have sole and final discretion in the choice of films to be screened at the festival. The Wild Rose and its authorized associates shall appoint additional judges for, supervise, and participate in, the judging process and the assignment of any Awards by the festival. From the screening selections, the Wild Rose judging panel will determine nominees and award-winners. Unless otherwise announced, all pictures screening at the Festival will be considered for all appropriate awards in each category. The Wild Rose staff reserves the right to add an award category and eliminate, or not make any Award should circumstances warrant. 
Features are defined as 60 MINUTES OR LONGER (excluding end credits). Shorts are SHORTER than 60 minutes (excluding end credits).
All "Best-Of" Winners receive a plaque, with remaining Winners receiving Distinctive Achievement Certificates.